TerMs & Conditions


Registration and Refund Policy

For all classes, we have a no refund policy. You are entitled to reschedule the course at a later date within 20 days of the cancellation date. Reschedule dates are to be selected from classes that are already on the schedule. You are required to cancel your enrollment at least 48 hours before the course starts for rescheduling options to be awarded. Students who No show will be charged a No show fee of $25.00. No Show and Course Cancellation fees are charged because we do not get a refund on classroom space, training equipment, administrative duties completed prior to class, course preparation, instructor setup cost nor do we have the opportunity to fill you seat. The moment you register is the moment we start working on your individual training. 

Terms & Conditions of Service

  1. Classroom/Web Based Courses (Blended Learning) Blended learning classes are web-based courses in which customers choose to do 50% of the course work online and 50% in skills practice on the appropriate equipment under the supervision of a certified, trained American Heart Association, American Red Cross, EMS Safety and ASHI instructor. ALL online course work is to be completed before the start of the skills session. The participant is expected to bring the proper identification and online completion certificate to enter the class and receive the appropriate certifications. “Absolute CPR and Alllied Health Training” is ONLY responsible for providing customers with the appropriate direct link access (online learning management system access) if purchased through ACAHT, appropriate course textbook if included in course cost, classroom equipment, trained instructors, and a highly informative skill session. “Absolute CPR and Alllied Health Training” is NOT responsible for the time and delivery of the direct link to customers, as “Absolute CPR and Alllied Health Training” does not have any administrative access to the online learning management system. Furthermore, “Absolute CPR and Alllied Health Training” is not responsible for any technological difficulties with the direct link or the online learning management system as it is not our product. It is the customer's responsibility to notify “Absolute CPR and Alllied Health Training” of any technological issues that are faced in conjunction with contacting 1-800-REDCROSS/ 1-888-242-8883 AHA/  EMS Safety  800-215-9555, ASHI 800-447-3177for website and E-learning supportand retreiving a case ID to dicument your concerns with any of the given organizatins. It is important to note that “ Absolute CPR and Alllied Health Training” is only responsible for the teaching points that the AHA, American Red Cross, EMS Safety and ASHI provides instructors from the nationally-approved Instructor’s manual. Moreover, the participant/guardian agreeing to the Terms and Conditions needs to be aware that the American Heart Associations, American Red Cross, EMS Safety and ASHI decides which key skills and lecture content is presented. We follow ECC guidelines.
  2. Illness/Personal Emergencies. “Absolute CPR and Alllied Health Training .” understands that sudden illnesses and emergencies happen and are out of your control. American Heart Association, American Red Cross, EMS Safety and ASHI training courses have attendance requirements to meet state and local protocols. If you cannot attend a course due to an unexpected illness or family emergency, you will be placed into the next available class at no additional fee (provided you bring the appropriate documentation from a verified source supporting your absence). “Absolute CPR and Alllied Health Training” reserves the right to determine whether or not the documentation is sufficient for no additional charges. If there is no documentation sent in or if “Absolute CPR and Alllied Health Training.” feels that your documentation does not meet course policies, then you will have to repay for the whole course. Please read about the additional fees for Blended Learning Courses regarding having to cancel your skills session or online session due to personal emergencies or sudden illnesses.
  3. Certification Status. Once the instructor has advised that you passed, certifications will be processed and delivered by email. Each class has testing requirements needed to earn certification status. “Absolute CPR and Alllied Health Training” has a responsibility to report all activity to the entity you select that meets your training prerequsite requirements. It is the discretion of the trained Red Cross Instructor based on the course requirements to determine whether an individual customer has met these standards. Failure to meet these testing requirements will result in having to repay for another class. Again, there are NO REFUNDS. Certifications are processed after the following steps have taken place within 5 business days: (1) Your instructor has informed the above customer that they have successfully met all course objectives. (2) Payments, signed Terms and Conditions, and registration forms are completed. Failure to make payments and return the above paperwork will result a delay in the above customer’s certification being processed. If payment/paperwork is not made within 1 months, then “Absolute CPR and Allied Health Training LLC” will not process the above customer’s certification and will direct them to retake their course.
  4. Equipment Returns. All equipment purchases are final upon sale. There are no refunds.
  5. Account Security. “Absolute CPR and Allied Health Training LLC.” requires every customer to fill out an account. Each account is protected by a series of questions only an adult 18 years of age can fill out. “Absolute CPR and Allied Health Training LLC” will release account information to ONLY law enforcement with/ or without a subpoena. Accounts can only be filled out if the individual customer is at least 18 years of age or older. Parents/ Guardians can fill out an account for their child who is at least 11 years of age. However, all communication and billing will be the responsibility of the Parent or Guardian who creates the account profile for their child. Employers and supervisors can fill out accounts for their staff members, but they need to inform customer support if they are paying for the account.  Employers need to keep in mind that the ‘certification’ belongs to the staff member participating in the course regardless of who pays for the course per industry guidelines. The Customer Support Center will ask customers security questions in order to validate the individual over the phone. If a customer refuses or fails to answer the security questions regarding the account, the customer service representative will notify that the information provided is incorrect and that the call must end. We will do our best to notify the above customer that someone has been trying to get into your account and if needed will notify local law enforcement. Due to the sensitive nature of your account, “Absolute CPR and Allied Health Training LLC.” has a team of highly qualified account specialists trained to handle all concerns with your accounts. We respond to all financial concerns by email for your records as well as ours. Customers will receive an email from absolutecprdallas@gmail.com in a timely fashion to discuss your financial concerns. Our Customer Service Department does NOT respond to billing inquiries. Please forward all billing inquiries to the above email address.
  6. Medical Emergencies. “Absolute CPR and Allied Health Training LLC.” has staff members trained to respond to emergencies but is not responsible for medical information not disclosed. As the student, legal parent or guardian, I release and hold harmless Absolute CPR and Allied Health Training LLC its owners and operators from any and all liability, claims, demands, and causes of action whatsoever, arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by the participant and/or the undersigned, while in or upon the premises or any premises under the control and supervision of Absolute CPR and Allied Health Training LLC, its owners and operators or in route to or from any of said premises. In consideration of and through my involvement in any of the courses Absolute CPR and Allied Health Training LLC at our home location or any off-site location where services are offered, I (or on behalf of my minor child), acknowledge and agree that I risk bodily injury, including paralysis, dismemberment, and death, as well as loss or damage to property; I knowingly and freely assume all such risk; and I (or on behalf of my minor child) for myself, and on behalf of my heirs, assigns and next of kin hereby release, hold harmless and promise not to sue Absolute CPR and Allied Health Training LLC, or any off-site training location, the instructors of the program, or the persons involved in the facilitation of this program, with respect to all such injury, paralysis, dismemberment, death and/or loss or damage i (except that which is resultant of gross negligence and/or willful or wanton misconduct.) I certify that I (or on behalf of my minor child) to be the best of my knowledge, I am in good physical condition and have no disease or injury that would impair my performance or result in my being injured during any program participation. In addition, I (or on behalf of my minor child) do hereby grant permission for duly authorize medical treatment by certified professionals to be administered to me (or my minor child) in the event of injury and that all costs are my responsibility.
  7. Lost or Stolen Items. “Absolute CPR and Allied Health Training LLC.” is not responsible for any items that are lost or stolen when attending our courses. Please lock up any valuables or leave valuable items at home.
  8. Billing Issues: “Absolute CPR and Allied Health Training LLC.” follows all consumer laws and is straightforward with all charges. It is your responsibility to stay on top of all payments and invoices. Invoices are electronically sent to the email address or text under your account. If a customer would like a hard copy of their invoices, they will need to request so in writing to absolutecprdallas@gmail.com There will be an additional $2.00 charge per printed invoice; QuickBooks, Paypal or Square send invoices. When a customer is sent an invoice, there will be a designated due date for when a customer needs to make a payment. All payments need to be paid on the due date by 5pm. Anything after 5pm on the due date is considered late and will result in (1) one late penalty fee of $35.00, and then a 10% finance charge  will be added to your invoice for every 14 days that payment is not made. For any invoice that is 90 days overdue, we will suspend your account and your invoice will be transferred to debt collections. Invoices sent for CPR instruction are to be paid the day that the customer calls and schedules. Failure to pay will cause you to lose your seating. Sales are not final until payment is received.
  9. Cancellations. When a customer cancels their enrollment in a course, there is a non-negotiable $50.00 plus processing fees for cancellation for all CPR/AED basic level courses and in-service training sessions. For CPR Instructor training courses and instructor level-training courses there are NO REFUNDS. You will be charged a $75 for cancelling any instructor based course. Instructor courses require 2 weeks in advance notice. Customers can cancel their registration by removing themselves from a scheduled course, but need to inform our organization by phone call and email. If you do NOT inform us by phone call and email, then you will NOT receive a refund even if it is within the 48-hour period. Cancelling a course does NOT mean that you will get a refund. You MUST request a refund to our billing department. Our billing agents will determine whether a customer qualifies for a refund. Our customer support agents and administration team will work with you to get you into the next available course. “Certifications For Life Inc.” reserves the right to cancel any class for any reason without providing any refund to the above customer. Note that courses are usually cancelled due to inclement weather, building closures/maintenance, or low enrollment (where the minimum number of course participants fails to meet course administration guidelines). If this ever occurs, you will be transferred into the next available skill session/class for no additional fees within a 12-month period. After 12 months have passed, the above customer will need to repay in full for the class that they choose. If a customer chooses to cancel their pass (course plan) on their own, they will still have to pay the appropriate cancellation fee for the specific course registered. If “Certifications For Life Inc.” cannot provide the canceled course within a 12-month period, then “Certifications For Life Inc.” will refund 100% of the money to you with no cancellation fees charged.
  10. No Shows. If a customer does not show up for their registered class, customers will have to pay $50.00 to all basic level CPR/AED courses and in-service training courses and $100.00 to all aquatics based courses and instructor level courses. The participant will also have to re-pay in full for the course.
  11. Class Transfers. Certifications For Life, Inc. will transfer you into any class for no additional fees if you request so by phone or email more than 48 hours in advance. Anything transfers requested less than 48 hours will incur a $50 plus processing fees without proper documentation. After payment is made for a class transfer, customers need to either call or re-schedule their class online. A customer is enrolled once they receive a confirmation notice. Payments for transfers does NOT mean they are enrolled or registered for the next available class.
  12. Identification Documents/Account Security. “Certifications For Life Inc.” takes pride in keeping registration accounts secured. Each class has minimum age requirements where we are responsible for making sure you are able to show the proper identification for certification processing. Customers who are 17 years of age or older are required to show a driver’s license or passport with photo ID to enter the course. For course participants under the age of 17, the following points of identification are acceptable: Birth certificate, School ID with the school’s name and photo ID of the student, Passport with photo ID, or a parent or guardian’s driver’s license. Failure to provide the at least one of the appropriate points of identification will result in the above customer from being admitted into their course.
  13. Transportation. “Certifications For Life Inc.” and our building security team is NOT responsible for participant transportation to and from the course location. It is the responsibility of the participant to arrange transportation in a timely manner. A $1/minute charge may be incurred if a participant's ride is excessively late once the course concludes.
  14. Moving/Relocation. If the participant plans on relocation to another town/state during the time of the course, documentation must be provided in order to be considered for a refund (it is a not a guarantee).
  15. Punctuality. Instructors and security will not allow customers in after 10 minutes from the start time of the class. Each course has a time sensitive syllabus that must be adhered too. Punctuality is a must to avoid disturbing other course participants and the instructors in session. Customer agents will re-schedule you for the next available class if you know you are going to be late.
  16. Media/Image/Video Consent. The above customer agrees to allow Certifications For Life Inc. and our staff to use his or images or videos in any form or format, for use at any time, in any media, marketing, advertising, illustration, trade or promotional material. A customer/parent/guardian can change their mind at any moment by informing us in writing.
  17. Communication. Customers are responsible for reading all emails. We are not responsible for any emails misplaced in spam boxes. However, we will be more than happy to re-send any information needed.
  18. Saved Payments On File. Customers can choose whether or not they would like to leave their Credit/Debit card information on file. If a customer chooses to leave their payment information on file, “Certifications For Life Inc.” reserves the right to charge the card for any fees owed on the account. If you do not want to continue leaving your card on file, please send a letter by email to us.
  19. Advertisement on 3rd Party Sites. “Certifications For Life Inc” is NOT responsible for the way that our classes are advertised on third party websites (Red Cross, etc.). Each organization has the right to display our company information according to their terms and conditions. All company information can be found on our website and through our course registration emails. Any concerns with how a third party company displays our courses needs to be communicated with the specific company where there is a concern.
  20. Price Matching. Certifications For Life Inc. reserves the right to choose which NJ training centers, courses, and fees to be considered for the price matching option for our customers. Customers are expected to upload a current website, a url with a shopping cart, or an invoice to be considered for the price matching discount. In order to earn a "price match", the course has to be within the state of NJ, the title of the course has to be the same as the course we are advertising, and the certification processed has to be the same. Certifications For Life Inc. will review the information submitted and respond in writing by email whether the information uploaded qualifies. No other discounts or promotions can be applied to your purchase when choosing to use our price match option. All price matching sales are final after completed and no other discount can be applied to the course purchased. All price matching websites, shopping carts, or invoices have to be from the current year. Anything from the previous year will not be accepted as prices change year to year. ARC, AHA, and ASHI change their prices and we are constantly researching the market. Certifications For Life Inc. can eliminate this option for customers as needed with or without customer notification. Certifications For Life Inc adheres to all consumer laws, policies, and procedures when offering price matching options to our customers. Price matching will only occur on the cost of the course, and does not include tax rates, credit card processing fees, or any other organization specific charge.
  21. Wait list. Wait lists will open once a class has filled. We understand that each customer would like to attend classes when it is convenient, however we have class size requirements that allow our course participants to be comfortable. Signing up for the wait list is “free” of cost. There are “no” fees to cancel or be removed from the wait list. Customer support agents will call you as soon as they are informed of an opening. Customer support agents can not predict when a customer will cancel as we can not control when course participants cancel their registration. Customers on the wait list will be called in the order that they signed up. However, if there is no response from a customer, we will move down the list to give other customers an opportunity to take our classes. Payment will be due on the day that the customer agrees to enroll into the class. If a customer does not make a payment, they will be  removed from the course and another customer on the waiting list will be given the opportunity to enroll and pay for the course.
  22. Charge back Claims. When a customer files a charge back claim for which the above organization respectfully disagree that the customer is not entitled to their funds, there will be a $25.00 fee for fees charged to us by our merchant bank for disputing the charge back. 
  23. Parent Pick Up. Parents or guardians are required to pick up their child by coming into our office suite or designated location to ensure the safety of your child. Written consent is required if you would like your child to be released at the end of our class without a parent or guardian physically coming to pick up "your child". If you choose to allow your child to be transported by "Uber, Lyft, etc", the instructional staff or any team member of Certifications For Life Inc., LLC is not responsible for verifying the adult controlling the vehicle. We highly recommend teaching your child how to verify their own ride using this means of transportation or actually picking them up form our class locations. 

Please Note

The above Terms and Conditions is a service agreement between the individual customer listed above and “Certifications For Life Inc”. You must be at least 18 years or older to enter into this agreement. All Terms and Conditions in this service agreement are in accordance with the law. Our terms and conditions are fluid conditions/protocols that are updated many times throughout the year to meet all American Red Cross Training protocols and consumer laws. This means that the terms and conditions can change at anytime with or without the consent of the individual customer. These Terms and Conditions will be shared with appropriate parties of the law with or without subpoena, and without consent of the individual listed on this contract, as “Certifications For Life Inc.” adheres to all consumer laws and will cooperate with the law as requested. Failure to adhere to the Terms and Conditions is a breach of the service agreement and can result in prosecution. The individual will be responsible for all payments due for the services that are/or were going to be offered, which include materials, supplies, instructor fees, and anything owed from falsified chargeback claims, in addition to any legal fees associated in the above service agreement.​